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Jackson Francis Ltd.


Salesmen admit to lying and forging documents in a pension-grabbing ploy.

It has emerged that Jackson Francis Ltd was paid through a mediator by Store First to cold-call individuals related to unclaimed pension money. Salesmen of Jackson Francis began contacting individuals stating they had “dormant pensions” accrued from previous employers in the hopes of luring them into an investment scheme.

Since 2011, more than 1,000 people were convinced to invest their pension funds into Store First’s storage units. Former salesmen of Jackson Francis came forward to reveal the corruption behind the scenes, stating employees were told to lie to clients in order to get sign ups. Employees have even admitted to forging documents and have witnessed members of staff forging clients’ signatures on multiple occasions.

Although the storage units did reap rewards for some investors, most were left to the mercy of a changeable market, and many investors struggled to recover from shortfalls on returns. High-risk investments such as this are intended for high-net worth individuals, or investors with a wealth of experience in the investment market. This is due to the changeability and unpredictability of the market. In this case, individuals were conned by Jackson Francis salesmen and unknowingly entered into a serious, high-risk investment scheme with little warning of the risks or repercussions. With no money or experience to fall back on, thousands of unsuspecting victims are missing most or all of their pension funds with no signs of reimbursement.

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It is reported that the mediator for the two firms received £33million from Store First, which in turn funded the Jackson Francis call centre. Fortunately, Jackson Francis entered insolvency proceedings in 2014. During that time, however, Jackson Francis, Store First, and their unnamed mediator swindled over £100million worth of pension funds.

Toby Whittaker, owner of Store First, assumes no responsibility for the mis-sold pension funds and claims the fault lies within Jackson Francis’ operations: “My company’s sales agents are not employed to give financial advice, they are employed to explain the product, not to advise whether [it] is suitable for an individual’s investment portfolio”.

No matter who was at fault, it is clear that both parties played a role in parting people from their pensions. Here at My Claim Helper, we want to help you claim back what is rightfully yours. For no obligation advice about your claim, contact a member of our team today.

Together, we can reclaim what Jackson Francis and Store First have stolen from you.

How do people fall victim to investment scams?

Many companies target inexperienced individuals who are not fully aware of the risk involved with investing. The FCA recommends investors should be one of the following:

Sophisticated Investor
An individual with plenty of experience of investing.

High-Net Worth Investor
An individual with £250,000 worth of assets or an income over £100,000.

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